Watkins Glen marina in winter.

Watkins Glen Winter Views

We made a quick trip to Watkins Glen on a day that alternated between snow squalls and sunshine. While Keuka Lake’s eastern branch is largely frozen over, Seneca Lake is ice free. Susan had a meeting at the Schuyler Chamber office, so I took the camera over to the harbor area. A snow flurry passed quickly and I walked out on the pier. The clouds and soft sunlight provided dramatic lighting as I took a few shots, and then it was back to the car to get out of the wind!

While watching gulls bobbing and wheeling in the wind, I noticed a much larger bird joining them. A young adult Bald Eagle was cruising over the marina, playing with the wind. I made a quick lens change and hopped out to try to catch a picture of the eagle, by which time it was much higher and overhead. An adult eagle with bright white head and tail was keeping station to the east, but it didn’t get close enough for a photo.

Bald eagle over Watkins Glen
A young adult Bald Eagle cruising over the Watkins Glen marina.

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