Snowy Outlet Trail

I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day to walk part of the Outlet Trail with my daughter Katie. We found quite a few folks with the same idea- some on skis, some on snowshoes, a few in hiking boots. We started at the Seneca Mills site and walked a bit along the stream toward Penn Yan. We both had cameras, so we took our time and enjoyed the nice sunlight. Katie’s pictures can be found at Keuka Outlet Trail – Kathryn Mae Photography.

A good snow cover for cross-country skiers and snowshoes, the trail still had easy footing for walking.

Outlet Trail

Snow, Ice and water define the double falls alongside the Seneca Mills ruins.

Seneca Mills Falls

While some of the Mills walls have collapsed into the stream, some are still in good condition.

Ruin walls along the Outlet Stream

Wild raspberry canes show maroon against a snowy background.

Raspberry cane along Outlet Stream

Cross-country skiers enjoy a nice snow cover on the Outlet Trail.

Cros-country skiers on the Outlet Trail

The bright sun highlights seed fluff and red berries.

Seeds and berrries

Lichens and moss cover stone blocks near Lock 7 of the old canal.

Stone blocks

In some ares of the Outlet Trail the old canal is a bog and the trail is the former tow-path. At Lock 7 the trail follows the canal bed.

Katie in Lock 7

I took several pictures of the Outlet Stream and the Falls from the structure of the Seneca Mills water handling controls, then stitched them together to make this panorama.

Seneca Mills Fall Panorama

Posted on 31 January 2011, 17:19 by Burney Baron