Snow cats

Buttercup is not fond of snow at all. This seems to have been a mistake- the warm weather and sunshine got in her eyes, and she overlooked the white stuff on the ground.

Frisky will occasionally test the snow, mostly to verify how awful it is rather than trying to brave the conditions.

January has been quite mild, especially the last couple of weeks. Two of the Eponymous Cats have been cooped up long enough- given a sunny, 40° day, even they will trudge through the little remaining snow while they look for the perfect sunning perch. They are not at all impressed with the neighborhood barn cats that plow through chest deep snow on windy, miserable days- these are California girls, and they make slow progress as they shake each paw after touching the cold, wet ground.

Posted on 22 January 2010, 22:30 by Burney Baron