Gardening Success

This isn’t the biggest artichoke ever, but after waiting all summer for any sign of a bud, this was a most welcome sight.

Home-grown artichoke

In a garden that was largely an experiment, the artichokes were the biggest trial. We were surprised to see seeds for artichokes at the local big box home center, so we got some of the variety called Emerald. The instructions weren’t too specific- New York planting was suggested for May – June, with the usual “sow outdoors after danger of frost.” We know that ‘chokes typically bud in their second season- and are not too fond of frost, which is the least of the hazards in our Zone 4-5 garden. Later we found in the Johnny Seeds catalog a variety- Globe- that is supposed to bud in the first season, along with much better instructions for planting. We ordered a packet and started the two types side by side. Both varieties were spindly at transplant, and there were losses with a late frost, but both varieties took root and made progress. The Globe plants made much larger shrubs, and when the weather cooled in late September, we found our first buds. The first two made it to a reasonable size, so with great fanfare, were cut and steamed.

Posted on 1 November 2009, 22:42 by Burney Baron